Maple creams, vanilla creams, butter pecan creams, cherry almond creams , peanut butter, coconut, all available in milk chocolate
The maple creams can also be made without nuts, and also in dark chocolate and white chocolate by special order.
Orange creams, mint creams, and raspberry creams are all in dark chocolate only.
Large patty for each flavor $4.75
1/2 pound bag for each $7.50
1 pound bag for each $14.75
1 pound tin for $23.00
3 pound tin for $47.00

Seasonal character suckers price
Ranging $1 to $2.50

Dipped pretzels $1.25
Deluxe Turtle Pretzels $2.50

Buckeyes $1.50 each

Cocoa buddies( drop in your hot cocoa for richness $.50 each bag
(3-4 small pieces in a bag)

Almond Butter Crunch( our toffee dipped in chocolate and rolled in chopped almonds! $6.95 for 6 oz package
Cashew crunch , toffee and cashews $5.75 for 6 oz package

Triple dipped malted milk balls
$4.95 for 8oz , also available in peanut butter!

Red velvet cherries $5.95 for 8 oz

Milk chocolate covered potato chips
$4.95 for 6 oz

Various barks all $4.75 for 6 oz
Peppermint, cinnamon, in white chocolate, coconut in milk, white or dark chocolate, toffee, rice crispie in milk chocolate

Milk or dark Chocolate covered marshmallow
$3.00 for 4 oz

Turtles, caramel pecans, caramel shaped as a turtle available by the piece in milk, white, or dark
$2.00 each or we have beautiful gift boxes made just for the turtles, 6 in a box for $14.00

S’Mores $2.95 ea

Milk or dark chocolate covered coffee beans $4.95 for 8 oz

Milk or dark peanut butter logs( kinda like a Clark bar)
$5.25 for 6 oz

Milk chocolate covered raisins
$3.75 for 8 oz

White coconut snowballs, a yummy marshmallow, caramel, chocolate and coconut covered treat
$6.25 for 8 oz

Several chocolate covered nuts, available in milk, dark, or white
8 oz packages
Cashews $5.75
Almonds $5.75
Pecans $6.95
Peanuts $3.75

Milk and dark chocolate covered Oreo cookies $3.75 for 6 oz

Sugar free candy:all in SF milk choc
Pecans $7.75 8 oz
Walnuts $7.25 8 oz
Peanuts $ 5.95 8 oz
Marshmallows $5.00 6 oz
Almonds $7.25 8 oz
Choc covered vanilla caramel $5
Mint meltaways $6.25 8 oz
Coming soon... SF peanut butter cups

Truffles , milk chocolate, raspberry (dark chocolate covered) and mocha
$1 each

We have various chocolates in our pick a piece case... ranging from 50 cents to $1
Cordial cherries( dark and milk), chocolate covered caramels and salted caramels, dark raspberry jelly, peanut butter smoothies, marshmallow caramel

On our website there are only certain chocolates listed that we mail. That is because of supply and demand. We always have a large quantity of those listed on our site. We can mail our other products to you if you call and place an order. If you are hesitant to come into our store ( being cautious about the virus) we can package up you order and bring it out to you.